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Challenge #169, WOOT!!!

The year is coming to its end, and I thought we could have a special challenge for this special occasion. (Also, I'm hoping that this challenge will boost the overall activity a little bit, because there are plenty of movies to choose from)

So basically, the theme of this challenge is: "BEST MOVIE(S) OF 2012".
Meaning, that you have to make icons of your personal favourite movie (or movies, if you pick more than one) that hit the theaters in 2012. Pretty simple, eh? Like this we can celebrate the past 12 months of awesome movies and see which one gets the most entries!

I made a list of 80 movies that were released this year, so you can browse it and easily select the movies you liked the most. Of course you can also make icons of other movies from 2012 that I didn't include in the list. (I have the feeling I covered quite a lot of them, though.)
I also added some images that you may use if you want to, but feel free to use any other pictures (screen caps, promo pics, posters, movie stills, etc), as long as they are from any 2012-released movie. I figured that 80 pictures would be too much, so I provided one representative image for each of the top 25 largest-grossing movies as per box office worldwide. These ones are marked bold in the list.

You may enter UP TO FIVE (5) ICONS for this challenge! You don't have to make all icons for the same movie - but you can, if you want to. You could even mix different movies in the same icon. You may use the same picture more than once. Whatever you feel inspired to do, just do it, go wild with it and have fun!

Because this is one of the bigger theme challenges and also because of the holidays, this challenge will go for two weeks! So the deadline for all icon submissions is: Saturday, January 5h, 9pm UTC/GMT -> Event Time Announcer

These are only Thumbnails!
Please click to get the larger versions!


  1. 21 Jump Street

  2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

  3. American Reunion

  4. Argo

  5. Battleship

  6. Brave

  7. Cloud Atlas

  8. Contraband

  9. Dark Shadows

  10. Django Unchained

  11. Dredd

  12. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

  13. End of Watch

  14. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

  15. Frankenweenie

  16. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

  17. Gone

  18. Haywire

  19. Hotel Transylvania

  20. House at the End of the Street

  21. Ice Age: Continental Drift

  22. Jack Reacher

  23. John Carter

  24. Journey 2: the Mysterious Island

  25. Killing Them Softly

  26. Lawless

  27. Les Miserables

  28. Life of Pi

  29. Lockout

  30. Looper

  31. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

  32. Magic Mike

  33. Man on a Ledge

  34. MIB 3

  35. Mirror Mirror

  36. ParaNorman

  37. Pitch Perfect

  38. Premium Rush

  39. Prometheus

  40. Red Dawn

  41. Resident Evil: Retribution

  42. Rock of Ages

  43. Safe

  44. Safe House

  45. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

  46. Silent Hill: Revelation

  47. Skyfall

  48. Snow White and the Huntsman

  49. Step Up 4

  50. Taken 2

  51. Ted

  52. The Amazing Spider-Man

  53. The Apparition

  54. The Avengers

  55. The Bourne Legacy

  56. The Cabin in the Woods

  57. The Cold Light of Day

  58. The Dark Knight Rises

  59. The Devil Inside

  60. The Dictator

  61. The Expendables 2

  62. The Five Year Engagement

  63. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

  64. The Hunger Games

  65. The Lucky One

  66. The Pirates! Band of Misfits

  67. The Silver Linings Playbook

  68. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

  69. The Vow

  70. The Watch

  71. The Woman in Black

  72. The Words

  73. Think Like a Man

  74. This Means War

  75. Total Recall

  76. Underworld: Awakening

  77. Wanderlust

  78. What to Expect When You're Expecting

  79. Wrath of the Titans

  80. Wreck-It Ralph

- Up to FIVE icons per participant!
- You may use the images provided or find your own pictures.
- Remember to not make animated icons! Everything else is fine (brushes, stock pics, textures, text, etc).
- All icons have to fit LJ's icon standards. (100x100px, 40kb. Or smaller.)
- Also, the icons have to be made especially for this challenge & stay anonymous until the winners are announced! Please don't submit any icons you already used anywhere else.
- To enter the challenge, reply to this post with the icon(s) in your comment (all comments will be screened).

Happy icon-making!!

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