Janina (nida_yubari) wrote in movie_stillness,

Some Pimping! Plus: Reminder ;-)

Hey all, I thought some of you might be interested in this brandnew land-community all about movies! I think it looks great and I already joined. If you decide to go and join too, don't forget to mention I sent you over, because I'll get some bonus points for the recruiting ha ;P

Movie lover? Film fanatic? cinema_land is the place for you!
Apply today for a spot on Team Indie Film, Team Rom Com, or Team Slasher Movie.
The opening scene beings on December 28, 2012.
cinema_land cinema_land cinema_land

THAT SAID, don't forget to VOTE for the Resident Evil icons if you haven't already: here

And we have a new & special challenge: Best movies of 2012! Please enter :)

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