uber-late reminder, sort of

Hey you guys! It would be very awesome to have at least one more participant for the Resident Evil challenge that has been open since October. There's ony one single community member who entered icons. We need at least one more participant who enters at least one icon, so I can post a voting that makes any sense at all.
I'm going to wait until Sunday and keep my fingers crossed that somebody will make a Resident Evil icon :)

Here's the link to the challenge and the images: #168

I'd hate to skip this without having a proper voting for the person who already submitted entries. Please guys, only one more ♥

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Hey you guys,

I'm not sure if this community makes much sense anymore... There is only one single participant for the latest challenge, and participation has been kind of low before that anyway, especially compared to the thriving place this once used to be. I know part of that is my fault, because I can't be the reliable mod I used to be some years ago, when I still was a student and had heaps of free time; My life changed, like anyone else's, and my current job doesn't leave much time for running a community like this. This was the reason I - some time ago - tried to hand the community over to somebody who can be more reliable and on time with the schedule - but nobody wanted to take it over from me, so I kept it and tried to somehow make it work. But to be honest, it's just too much time and effort spent on a contest community that seems to die out. And my inconsistency doesn't make things better.

Perhaps it would already help to have a co-mod. Or maybe not. Maybe it's also that people lost interest in Livejournal in general and moved over to tumblr which seems to be really popular with the creative people who make graphics and stuff. I don't know. I looked through our affiliates list the other day and noticed that most of the icon contest communities are inactive or abandoned. Also, promo communities for icontests show that there isn't so much interest anymore. I remember that there used to be several promo posts on every single day, with so many different contest communities... almost every actor had a contest community just about him/her, and so on. And now, there is one single promo post every couple of days, and it seems like just a handfull of comms. This is kind of sad, but maybe LJ icontests just go out of date, and maybe it's time to close this one, too :/

What are your thoughts?

Preference Poll!

Find behind the cut a selection of recent & upcoming movies as well as a selection of random actors/actresses. If you want to influence the upcoming challenges, just tick all movies & actors/actresses you'd like to see featured here next and push the button! You may pick as many movies and actors/actresses as you like.

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Voting: Best of the Best

This is the voting for the Best Icon of the 3rd Quarter of 2012. (Includes all 1st-place-icons from August + September challenges. Also, I'm including the last three 1st-place-icons from before the hiatus, so they won't get left out; They weren't included in any b.o.t.b. voting yet.) The winning icon will be displayed in the community's sidebar :)

Pick UP TO TWO (2) favourites.
Don't vote for your own icon, please.

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Voting: Challenge #167

Here's the voting for the Michael Fassbender icons, finally! This is a really pretty batch! And we have enough entries to pick special categories as well, yay :)

Please pick:
- your favourite icons (you may pick up to three)
- up to two icons for Best Coloring
- up to two icons for Most Creative
- up to two icons for Best Cropping

Do not vote for your own icons, please!
Thanks so much for participating! Good luck to all!

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Very last minute reminder!

Ok this is the last call for the current icon challenge: Michael Fassbender! We have a decent amount of entries right now (12), thanks to all who entered so far!! However, if we could push this up to 15 or 16 entries altogether, we'll have special category voting when the poll goes up in about 6-7 hours.

Enter HERE if you feel inspired, please :)

See you later at the voting *waves*